It’s time for the music industry to talk about mental health


Following the recent launch of Help Musicians UK’s (HMUK) mental health campaign at The Great Escape festival, the country’s leading charity for musicians are looking to raise the spotlight on mental health within the music industry and look at how it’s unique structure and culture impacts on musicians who face mental health challenges.


In a Q&A with HMUK’s Chief Executive Richard Robinson, Scottish singer-songwriter Sam Whates will discuss her own struggles with mental health as a professional performer; looking particularly at the strains musicians often endure and what the industry can do to establish a duty of care.


Forming part of a wider debate in the public eye, Richard and Sam will discuss how the industry can better ensure the good health of musicians, both on and off the stage. In addition, Richard will touch on a recent HMUK survey that uncovered nearly 70% of professional musicians as having suffered from a psychological issue, giving Sam the opportunity to reveal her own struggles, her ways of coping and the (lack of) support she received from the music industry.


HMUK is commissioning the University of Westminster for the first of its kind academic research into the mental health of music professionals, which Richard will touch on. It is clear that no one in the industry should have to sacrifice good mental health in order to keep making music. Reinforcing HMUK’s stance of the need to address health and wellbeing in the music community as a serious issue.

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