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10:15 - 11:00

The world of Music Production, Distribution and Consumption has evolved at an exceptional pace. Artists today are embracing technology in new and innovative ways and the rise in digital technology has played a prominent role making music more accessible to fans.

Before the aggrandisement of smart phones, it was radio and television that have been top influencers. In recent years we have already witnessed the death of the cassette and the plummet of CDs yet the ascent of social media, streaming and virtual reality. With mediums such as these vastly becoming the new music distributing channels, what does the future hold for Music technology?


Sam Taylor UK Brand Manager at TuneCore

Simon Perry Chief Creative Officer at ReverbNation

Steven Hancock Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of MelodyVR

Sammy Andrews CEO at Deviate Digital

Matt Fenby-Taylor Vice President Creators, Product & Content Operations at SoundCloud.


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