LSC 2012 Conference Panels


• LSC Labs - in association with Liverpool John Moores Universtiy Open Labs
• The LSC Roundtable Sessions
• The LSC Gaming Panel - in association with NW Indie Developer Showcase 
• The LSC/Create Label Panel
• Gateways to Eastern Asia, Korea: in association with KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency)
• The LSC Digital Marketing Panel - in association with Motive Unknown
• Women & The Music Industry a Liverpool Sound City Masterclass - in association with The Women's Organisation
• The LSC Roundtable Sessions 
• The LSC Tech Panel
• The LSC Business Panel - Streaming and the new ownership
• The Sound City Tech Keynote - Andrew Mains, Mobile Roadie
• The LSC/Create Managers Panel
• Gateways to SE Asia Taiwan
• The LSC Social Media Surgery
• Taiwan GIO and Riverside Livehouse reception


• The LSC Start-Up Panel: in association with Digital Derry and Culture Tech
• The LSC Sync Panel: in association with UK Trade And Investment
• The LSC Digital Distribution Panel
• The Sound City International Keynote - Nelson George and Arthur Baker in conversation
• The PPL Open Session for Arists with Networking Drinks
• The LSC/Create Music Discovery
• Connected Digital Economy Catapult - in association with CI KTN
• The LSC/Diaspora Roundtables
• The LSC/Create Musicians Panel - in association with The Musicians Union
• BndHck Live
• The Sound City Photography Keynote: Gered Mankowitz in conversation with Craig Pennington
• The LSC Roundtables Closing Sessions

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